We Are The Warriors!


NTXHS Band is for any incoming 6-12thgrade homeschooler who would love to learn or already knows how to play an instrument and wants to have fun!  


Grace Evangelical Free Church
2005 Estates Parkway
Allen 75002


The Band practices every Thursday from 8:45 am – Noon


Our vision is to grow a love and appreciation for the performance of music in a group environment both on the field and in a concert setting.

Practice Location: 

Grace Church 
2005 Estates Parkway
Allen 75002

Scott Himel, Band Director

Scott Himel is the owner of Music Academy of DFW.  We met him at the Denton County Homeschool Association Enrichment Fair and were impressed with his enthusiasm for music and for teaching.  He brings with him an impressive history as a band director in both public and private school settings.  We have seen first hand his talent for teaching music and instruments to our students.  He has a great way of putting them at ease and getting them to learn all while having the best time.  Thank you Mr. Himel and welcome aboard!  We look forward to working with you and watching our band grow in the years ahead!

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  1. Does my child have to march in order to be in the band?
    • Marching season is a very short time period and only a small portion of our band year. Marching will be kept skill and age level appropriate. Our younger and less
      experienced students will be a part of the marching band, but will either be in the Pit (on the sideline) or in the stands during the games. If your child wants to be a part of the band, but does not want to march, they will fill one of these roles. They would still register and meet with the band so that they are still learning and growing as musicians.
  2. What age does my child need to be to join band?
    • North Texas Homeschool Marching Band accepts students starting in grade 6 through grade 12. Due to the rigorous nature of marching, we have to make sure that a child has reached a certain maturity level and is able to handle both the physical nature of marching and playing an instrument at the same time. 
  3. Does my child need experience to join the band?
    • No. Your child does not need to know how to play before joining. Whether your child has experience or has never even looked at an instrument before, we are here to help foster the learning and the love of music and help them grow as musicians.
  4. Does My child need his/her own instrument?
    • Yes. Your child will need an instrument. There are at least two ways to go about this. You can either purchase it online or in one of the many music stores we have here in the metroplex, or you can rent one. Mr. Himel, our band director, has partnered with Williamson Music 1st. If you would like to purchase from them, he would be happy to help you pick out the right instrument for your child and proceed with the purchase/rental. Rentals are also offered at a discounted rate to all band students.   
  5. How do I know what instrument my child should play?
    • If your child already has an interest in a certain instrument, they are more than welcome to play that instrument. If they are still deciding, our band director would be happy to help make sure you pick out an instrument that is right for your child. 
  6. Where does the band meet for practice each week?
    • Grace Church in Allen is kind of enough to allow us to use their facilities for band. We meet at their location at 2005 Estates Pkwy, Allen Tx. Located behind their building is a portable building that we use for our classes. 
    • We sometimes hear that Allen is too far to drive. We get that. Some of our families drive quite a distance for band each week. If your child really wants to be in a marching band, I ask you to consider making the drive and at least try it. What most of us have learned is that it is well worth it . Let’s face it. If our child loves it and it’s something they really want to do, unless it’s just unreasonable or simply cannot work, we usually find a way to make the sacrifice. Please consider this with band too. 
    • And lastly, there is the possibility of more locations in the future that may be closer to you. If you start now and one opens up, that would definitely be an easy transition. Don’t let an hour drive stop you from allowing your child be a part of the North Texas Homeschool Marching Band. 
  7. How much does it cost?
    • Tuition is $600 for the year. This can be paid in one lump sum, or in automatic monthly payments. If you pay in full by August 1st, we will give a discount of $50. 
  8. What is included in the cost of tuition? 
    • Your tuition will include all band classes, all camps, all music, Marching Uniform Shirt, Marching Cap, Band T-Shirt, Band Camp T-Shirt.  
  9. Are there any extra costs beyond tuition?
    • Music Book – Standard of Excellence (Red book – available at music stores or on Amazon)
    • Flip Folder and Lyre (available at music stores or on Amazon)
    • Freestanding Music Stand 
    • Marching Shoes (Usually $30-40 – We’ll place an order for these when it’s time.)
    • Instrument  (See Question 4 above for more information.)
  10. What does the time commitment look like other than weekly band practice?
    • Practices are once a week on Thursdays from 8:45am-12pm. During the summer, this may change to 8am-12pm. We have two band camps. The first is Beginners Band Camp at the end of May for one week. The second is Full Band Camp at the end of July or the first of August. 
    • We also participate in other activities such as festivals, solo and ensemble competitions, clinics, parades, and other events that come up during the year. 
    • We also have at least one fundraiser in the year. This is a pancake breakfast that is held in late summer/early fall. Keep in mind, there is the potential for another fundraiser in the spring or one or two Spirit Nights at a local restaurant. TBD.
      • Due to Coronavirus, 2020 Beginner’s Band Camp has been pushed into June. It is scheduled for the week of June 22nd, but please check back. Because of the nature of this virus and our county guidelines, these dates may need to change. 
  11. Is band a normal nine month school season?
    • No. Band is year round. We take a few weeks off in December and a few weeks in early summer. 
  12. Do I have to pay the full tuition upfront?
    • No. See Question 6 above.
  13. When is Marching Season? Concert Season?
    • Marching Season begins at the end of May with Beginner’s Marching Band Camp and goes through the last game/parade of the season. 
    • Concert Season begins immediately after Marching season and goes through mid May. 
  14. Does North Texas Homeschool Marching Band offer private lessons?
    • Our band director, Mr. Himel, is able to offer private lessons at a discounted rate for all band students. 
  15. Are private lessons required? Necessary?
    • Private lessons are not required. They are also not necessary, but they are beneficial. While this is not something that we require of the student, for those that are just beginning, those that are struggling a little, or even those that just wish to grow in their talent, private lessons are recommended and available at a discounted rate to all band students. It is definitely a worthwhile investment. 
  16. Does North Texas Homeschool Marching Band have a Color Guard?
    • We do not have a Color Guard currently. 
  17. What background/experience does the current band director have?
    • Mr. Scott Himel graduated from The University of North Texas and has served 15 years as a head band director at Liberty Christian School. He currently owns Music Academy DFW, is partnered with Williamson Music 1st, and has worked with the North Texas Homeschool Marching Band for just over a year. He is a phenomenal director and fantastic with the kids. 


If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to Ina Bullard, Parent Advisory Board Member, at 469-209-9539, or send an email to info@ntxhsband.com.